There is no more precious commodity in today’s world than time. Whether in the pursuit of personal pleasures or professional endeavors, we want to simplify your life. The exclusive private jet services offered by Aero Dynamic Jets are a rare opportunity to Experience Travel The Way It Was Meant To Be. Travel should be comfortable, luxurious, stress-free, and time saving. Make the time you spend toward your goals and dreams more productive by putting “Time On Your Side” with Aero Dynamic Jets. 


Having a dedicated flight crew that you trust adds peace-of-mind to every trip. Aero Dynamic Jets utilizes crews that are the best of the best on all aircraft, able to pass rigorous annual recurrency exams and training at Pro Flight and Flight Safety International, the worlds foremost flight training facility. Flight crew training also includes medical training such as defibrillator and CPR certification ensuring that your health and safety are given top priority. 


One of the great benefits of flying with Aero Dynamic Jets is the knowledge that the care and maintenance of the aircraft that you are chartering is in the hands of dedicated, seasoned, and highly trained professionals. Working only with aircraft manufacturer supported industry leading service centers Aero Dynamic Jets ensures its aircraft are maintainted and cared for, exceeding required standards at levels not typically found in the industry. All of the maintenance headaches of operating aircraft are taken care of for you. You can rest assured you are flying on well maintained aircraft that will get you, your clients, or family where they need to be in the safest, most dependable, and reliable aircraft possible. 


The Safety, comfort, convenience, and travel security of each of our clients is our primary mission. At the early stages of trip planning and again 24 hours prior and just prior to each flight, a detailed trip safety analysis is performed by our highly trained operations team that includes a review of the different aircraft current condition, weight/balance data, and performance computations to ensure the aircraft will exceed the safety performance criteria. Additionally we review your pilot’s current condition, health, and rest status. The team performs a detailed and complex weather analysis to evaluate weather pattern changes and any potential weather issues that could cause disruption or delay. All of this information is then evaluated by the operations team to ensure the flight can be conducted safely.