Does Aero Dynamic Jets charge any of the many other extra fees other charter companies charge: fuel surcharges, landing fees, handling fees, segment fees, overnight fees, hangaring fees, or deicing fees?   

No way. The Aero Dynamic Jets program is completely different than most Utah jet charter companies. By taking a more altruistic approach to charter, we give an honest All-inclusive pricing up front to the clients and eliminating the industries misleading pricing that typically hides the many above listed fees. Our honest All-Inclusive Pricing Structure includes the base charter rate, fuel costs, and a standard flat rate trip fee. Federal Excise Tax is also shown. That is it. With this pricing, all possible trip costs, expenses, and taxes are included in the quote so that the price you are quoted is the price that you pay. There are no trip minimums, no overnight charges, and only simple daily minimums that apply.

With Aero Dynamic Jets, we prefer to rise above the industry standard. We treat our customers as we prefer to be treated – with honesty and respect – no pricing games and no surprises. We also offer the Best In Class aircraft available which includes the Cessna Citation CJ3 Jet for an honest All-inclusive value that our clients can count on.

How is flight time computed?

Aero Dynamic Jets Utah Jet Charter clients are only billed for the actual trip time occupying the aircraft from wheels up after takeoff to wheels down and landing. There is also six minutes added for taxi time from startup to before takeoff and six minutes added for taxi time after landing to shutdown. This is a standard industry adjustment and will not be increased even if the actual taxi time is longer than six minutes. This adjustment is already included in the trip quoted. Daily minimums apply.

What type of jet aircraft do you operate?

Aero Dynamic Jets is the only Utah Private Jet Charter Company that owns and operates the modern Cessna Citation CJ3, selected as “Best of the Best Business Aircraft Light” by the Robb Report editors. Not all jets are awarded this “Best in Class” distinction. The Citation CJ3 family of jets is a market-tested aircraft that has taken over 40 years to refine and ultimately perfect . The Aero Dynamic Jets Citation CJ3 is Immaculate and recently updated and refurbished inside and out with the best in the industry technology amenities which include the new Collins Proline Fusion Touch Avionics, Gogo AVANCE L3 on board wifi ,Gogo Vision Entertainment and much more.

Aero Dynamic Jets also has partnered with other Jet Charter Operators who hold the high standard of being rated by Argus and Wyvern for their operations. We have negotiated pricing with those operators on specific aircraft and built those relationships so we can offer a variety of Light Jets, Mid-Size Jets, Super Mid-Size, and Large Jets which will meet any of your Utah Jet Charter travel needs. Aero Dynamic Jets only offers aircraft that hold a high standard of safety, performance. Its important to keep you connected so we offer complimentary Wifi on all aircraft.  

Is Aero Dynamic Jets authorized to transport materials and or parts that are Hazmat?

YES!!! We are fully approved to transport hazardous materials per our Part 135 Charter Ops Spec which is a rare tool to have in our arsenal. There are specific forms and requirements involved but the short answer to this question is YES!! Currently right now only our Citation CJ3 is available for charter with items that fall into the Hazmat Category. For any specific questions, please email our Operations Team at or call our toll free number at 800.899.6193 where we can answer those questions and determine if your needs will fit the criteria for what we are able to transport for you.

How many passengers can the Light, Mid-Size, Super Mid-Size, and Large Jet cabin categories seat?

The current configuration of our Cessna Citation CJ3 which is in the Light Jet Category allows us to carry up to 7 adult passengers in addition to the crew. An 8th Seat is available on the belted lavatory but weight and balance restrictions may apply. Typically 7 passengers is max in all offered Light Jet Categories. The Mid-Size Jets typically can handle 7-8 passengers plus crew. The Super Mid-Size Jets typically hold 8-9 passengers with a larger cabin. The Large Jets typically hold 10-18 passengers with larger and longer cabins and depending on the type of Large Cabin Jet, it may have a dedicated flight attendant for the duration of your flight. We can accommodate your Utah Jet Charter needs with any type of aircraft that fits your specific mission. Call or email the Aero Dynamic Jets Operations Team at for specific trip details and quoting. 

What safety precautions are taken before each flight?

From the moment an initial request for a Utah Jet Charter flight comes in, Aero Dynamic Jets is taking steps to ensure your flight can be conducted safely. Our flight operations, weather forecasters, and crew members review weather patterns/systems with forecasts and outlooks multiple times leading right up to the flight commencing. Maintenance records are reviewed and an aircraft status report is generated to ensure the aircraft is meeting dispatch reliability requirements. Careful weight and balance data along with flight performance data is computed and analyzed to ensure performance safety criteria is made. Flight charts are updated and reviewed. Just before and just after each jet charter flight, the flight crew will conduct a thorough pre and post flight inspection of the aircraft. All of these items are accomplished prior to dispatching a flight on its next leg. If any of these factors are an issue that may affect the safety of the passengers or the aircraft, the information will be passed on to the client and a decision to delay or postpone the flight will be initiated. The safety and security of our clients is our primary concern.

Will I have a different flight crew each time I fly with Aero Dynamic Jets?

No, with Aero Dynamic Jets you can count on the same trusted crew that will be assigned to you on our Citation CJ3. After you have booked a charter or two we’ll quickly come to understand your every need. In regards to the Super Light, Mid-Size, and Large Jets, you may have the same crew or you may not depending on which aircraft you request. The Large Jets do come with a Personal Flight Attendant to help with each and every need. We always will request the same flight crew for each aircraft. Each flight crew are all highly experienced, skilled, and personally invested in their customer’s every need, comfort, and safety. All crew is completely vetted and trained for the highest levels of safety as well as performance and all hold ARG/US and Wyvern Safety ratings. 

What type of safety standards does Aero Dynamic Jets adhere to?

Aero Dynamic Jets exceeds the stringent safety requirements and oversight set forth by the FAA for Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135 Air Carriers. In addition, Aero Dynamic Jets has been awarded the ARG/US Gold Rating as well as being a Wyvern Registered Operator. ARG/US and Wyvern are third party safety and operations auditing companies. Not all charter companies have an Argus rating and even less are Wyvern Registered due to the strict requirements, oversight, and standards they require. Aero Dynamic Jets is proud to have achieved this standard by which all charter companies are measured. Aero Dynamic Jets requires that all of our Charter Operator Partners hold this same standard. Aero Dynamic Jets is expanding its business and is currently working on receiving the ARG/US Platinum and Wyvern Wingman safety as we grow and expand our flight departments and aircraft management.  

What is the cancellation policy?

At Aero Dynamic Jets we understand that plans sometime change, so we allow you to make changes or cancellation for most trips right up until 10 hours prior to departure on the Aero Dynamic Jets Citation CJ3. Due to popularity of the Citation CJ3 – and in order to make the aircraft available for each of our valuable clients – all trips that have to cancel must still be cancelled at least 10 hours prior to takeoff in order to avoid a cancellation fee. In the event that a trip is cancelled inside the 10-hour window, Aero Dynamic Jets will charge a cancellation fee that is equal to the estimated flight time of the trip that was cancelled plus any expenses incurred. On peak / holiday travel days the required cancellation notice is 48 hours. For International trips, the required cancellation notice is 120 Hours. For Super Light, Mid-Size, and Large Jet reservations, all trips must be cancelled no later than 48 hours prior to takeoff. If within the 48 hours, cancellation fees will apply. 

Is catering included with each Aero Dynamic Jets flight?

Yes! We offer complimentary pre-boarding snacks and beverages in our private lounge before each flight. Additionally, in-flight basic catering will be included at no charge. This includes assorted snacks and beverages to meet each clients reasonable requests. Additionally, breakfast, lunch, or dinner or specialty drink/snack assortment catering may also be provided for an additional charge. Aero Dynamic Jets seeks to fulfill special requests for clients specific snack and beverage requests. Shortly after booking your trip the Aero Dynamic Jets Concierge will ask if there is anything specific regarding catering that you would like to request. 

Do you assist with my ground transportation and other trip needs?

So you don’t have to worry, Aero Dynamic Jets Utah Jet Charter clients are provided a complimentary concierge for each and every flight. Your Personal Concierge will ensure that all aspects of your trip from hotels and ground transportation are taken care of. Aero Dynamic Jets also coordinates ground transportation to be onsite prior to your arrival, pulled up and waiting next to your jet. If there is anything specific to your travel needs that you would like to request, please contact the Personal Concierge or Operations team for these items. We have several preferred providers for ground transportation. This is a direct pass through charge you will be charged directly to the vendor. We are not a middle man, we are simply here to make sure all your travel needs run smoothly so you do not have to worry about it. 

Are your facilities public or private? What features are offered?

Aero Dynamic Jets is the only Utah Jet Charter Company as well as Jet Charter Operator in the region that owns its own large multi-million dollar non-public, non-FBO, highly secure and private passenger staging and hangar facilities, completely dedicated to our exclusive preferred Utah Jet Charter clients. As we are not an FBO, or a maintenance facility, we own and operate our own facilities dedicated solely to charter. Our business remains focused where it should be – on you, our charter client. Our staging for jet charter and managed aircraft and hangar facilities are built for the purpose of comfort, convenience, entertainment, safety, and security. As our charter client, we offer you a private lounge that is stocked with pre flight snacks and beverages. We offer conference rooms and a business center with high speed Google Fiber wifi, computer, and printers. There is even an entertainment room with its own arcade for pre and post flight client enjoyment. Clients enjoy private bathrooms and a kitchen. Additionally, the Aero Dynamic Jets facilities offer indoor climate controlled parking several clients vehicles. No matter what the weather is outside, our clients’ vehicles are safe, protected, and ready to go when they are. You won’t find these amenities anywhere else in the state!

Do you offer Single and Dual Turbo Prop Aircraft Options?

Unfortunately no we do not. The reason for this is because Aero Dynamic Jets holds safety as its #1 priority along with the ride and comfort of its clients inside the aircraft cabins as well as while flying. Turbo Prop aircraft (dual or single) such as the Pilatus PC-12 or King Air 350i do not have the deicing standards that we hold for all the private jet aircraft that we offer. They are not equipped with Hot Wing Deicing Technology which allows the ice to evaporate upon contact rather than using Deicing Boots which are rubber and require for the ice to stick and gather on the leading edges of the aircraft wings before inflating and breaking the ice off the leading edges. Also they are limited to the max altitude they can fly at which is 30,000 feet. This allows for the aircraft to be stuck flying in the majority of storm systems rather than above the storms which our jet options have the capability to fly at 41,000-51,000 feet with no issues. With turbo prop altitude limits, chances of substantial turbulence are greatly increased. With safety and comfort as our priorities, Aero Dynamic Jets has chosen not to utilize or operate any turbo prop aircraft.


Does Aero Dynamic Jets setup ground transportation at the destination?

Yes. Our Concierge and Operations Departments can arrange ground transportation or rental car for you that will be waiting for you Ramp Side when your aircraft arrives at your destination. This is a COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE to our clients. We have car & driver options which include limousine service or can setup a rental car with any company of your liking depending on what is available at your destination airport. 

Does Aero Dynamic Jets accept deposits for future charter flights and are they refundable?

Yes, Aero Dynamic Jets allows for deposits for future jet charter flights. Yes, Aero Dynamic Jets will refund the unused deposit balance at any time upon request. For each jet charter flight that is booked you will receive a hard quote for the trip which will reflect the amount that will be deducted from your deposit. Our clients receive a monthly balance report and the Aero Dynamic Team will notify the client when the balance is getting low. Deposits are great especially if you want to book a flight last minute without dealing with wire transfers.

How do I book a trip with Aero Dynamic Jets?

For new and existing clients, in order to book a private jet charter flight you may go to the drop down menu in the website under Jet Charter that says Request a Quote. Fill out the basic information and a representative from Aero Dynamic Jets will respond promptly to you in regards to your charter request. We also welcome you to email your Aero Dynamic Jets Operations at Please be sure to have the following information to reserve an aircraft: departure city, arrival city, dates, takeoff or arrival times, # of passengers, and your preferred contact information. Our Operations Team will request any additional information that they may be needed by using the preferred contact information you provide.

For new clients, in order to book a private jet charter flight we welcome you to email an operations specialist at Please be sure to have the following information to reserve an aircraft: departure city, arrival city, dates, takeoff or arrival times, names of passengers, and your preferred contact information. Your Personal Concierge will request any additional information needed. We offer a 4% discounted rate for clients that do a Wire Transfer/Cash for payment. We are able to take a credit card payment but no discount is provided for that form of payment.

Are there any international fees when traveling to destinations outside the United States?

Trips that arrive at or depart to locations outside of the United States are subject to international fees instead of US Federal Excise Tax (FET). Because FET is already in the hourly cost, the dollar amount of FET will be applied toward any international fees that are being charged by the foreign government. In most cases, however, the amount being charged for FET in the hourly rate does not cover the international fees completely. The remaining balance of the international fees will be deducted from the client’s deposit.