The Citation CJ3 has been named “Best in Class” by several different publishers since its introduction in 2005. The Aero Dynamic Jets Citation CJ3 has had a full interior and exterior refurbishment which has included an addition of complimentary on board WiFi for ALL passengers on board as well as complimentary Gogo Text & Talk which allows passengers to text and make phone calls from their own mobile devices, Complimentary Gogo Vision In-flight Entertainment which provides current movies to current television shows as well as current news and weather, along with USB charging ports at every seat in the aircraft. When looking for your Utah Jet Charter Aircraft, this is one to definitely look at as a great economic option for your North America, Caribbean, and Mexico travel. 

Max Seating in the Aero Dynamic Jets Citation CJ3 is 7 passengers. The Citation CJ3 is the fasted climbing jet on the market with a cruising altitude of 45,000 feet so you stay safely above any inclimate weather for a more comfortable experience. Economically the Citation CJ3 is the “best bang for the buck” in the Light Jet Category. Aero Dynamic Jets has upgraded the full avionics suite as well from the Collins Proline 21 system to the brand new COllins Proline Fusion Touch which includes the best of the best safety equipment and instrumentation which allows this aircraft to be very capable of most missions. Also this Cessna designed this aircraft with safety as its main priority by equipping the wings with a full polished hot wing so ice is never an issue With a top speed of Mach 0.74 which is 568 MPH and a range of 2,040 Nautical Miles and the ability to land in most airports, there isn’t a mission domestically you cannot accomplish with this aircraft.